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Jul, 06, 2016
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The Meadows- What’s In A Name?

In Harmony, even the street names are an opportunity to honour the history and nature of our land. Streets in our first neighbourhood, called “The Meadows”, are named exclusively after trees, shrubs and flowers that can be found in our region. Like Harmony, these are made to thrive in the specific conditions of this location, where the rolling prairies meet the foothills, and with the dramatic weather patterns that come with high elevations and big open skies.

Streets in “The Meadows” include:

Yarrow Gate – an herbaceous perennial historically used by plans First Nations groups for its medicinal purposes,specifically for pain and headache relief.

Junegrass Terrace – named after a slow growing and deer resistant grass species that covers large swaths of land. The plants grow spikes of purplish-green flowers in May and June.

Prairie Smoke Rise – this street’s namesake is a low growing plant with wispy pods that bloom in early spring and give the appearance of smoke, staying low to the ground. Growing close to the ground, Prairie Smoke is attractive in gardens but has also been traditionally used by Plateau IndianTribes to treat tuberculosis.

Prairie Smoke

Prairie Smoke



June grass

June grass

Signage describing the inspirational plants of The Meadows will be popping up in Harmony over time, making the walk to your neighbours house for play time or coffee time enjoyable and educational. For now, you can also see all of our street names by looking at our lot map or, better yet, take a look for yourself next time you visit Harmony!

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