The Copithornes: the pioneering family who inspired Harmony.

With its easy commute to Calgary, access to mountain adventure, and unbroken views of the spectacular Rockies, Harmony promises to be the perfect place to put down family roots. It was too for the Copithornes, who for over 100 years pioneered Springbank as one of the first families to settle in the area and transform the foothills into working ranches. Ranchland belonging to the original Samuel Copithorne family includes the 1,750 acres Harmony now calls home.
Alberta’s history is built on the stories of families who transformed prairie lands into thriving communities. We are proud to honour the land and legacy of Bill and Harriette Copithorne.

A long trek from Cork County, Ireland

Samuel Copithorne was the youngest of three brothers who made their way to Springbank from Cork County, Ireland | Read more +

Farming and ranching in Springbank and Jumping Pound.

Samuel married local Springbanker Beatrice Ethel in 1915, three years before Springbank was officially named the M.D. of Springbank in 1918. | Read more +

An enduring
family story.

Many of the Copithorne descendants across multiple family branches remain active in the agricultural and ranching industries. | Read more +
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