Your questions about life in Harmony answered.

With so many Harmony home types and amenities to consider, it’s natural to have questions.
Explore our most commonly asked questions below, and if you would like further information, we’d love to tell you all about Harmony in-person at our Discovery Centre. Come by and chat with our Harmony Ambassadors and explore the many exhibits, videos and plans that explain the countless benefits of life in Harmony.
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Harmony's Homes & Show Homes


What are the show home hours?

The show homes are open:
Monday-Thursday: 2-8pm
Weekends & Holidays: Noon-5pm
Closed Fridays

The Discovery Centre is open:
Monday-Thursday: 2-8pm
Fridays: Closed
Weekends & Holidays: Noon-5pm

Learn more about our Discovery Centre and Show Homes

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What types of homes will Harmony have?

As Harmony develops the range, style, and price point of housing options will include everything from estate homes, villas, and single-family homes to townhouses, condos, and work/live properties. To see the current available homes types view our Home Types.

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Can I bring my own builder to Harmony?

Homes and lots can only be purchased together exclusively through the Harmony Builder Group. They have been carefully chosen to represent the region’s best.

Learn more about our Builder Group.

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When can I buy a home on the lake or golf course?

Lakeside homes were launched in 2019, learn more about them here.

Homes on the Mickelson National Golf Course are part of future planning phases, make sure you register to be the first to hear the news.

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What are the architectural styles in Harmony?

Harmony’s single-family homes are a pleasant blend of architectural styles – Farmhouse, Arts & Crafts, French Country, Prairie, Colonial, Dutch Colonial, Tudor  and Contemporary.

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Harmony’s Lake & Amenities


When will the Adventure Park be complete?

Phase one of Harmony’s Adventure Park is open and features a skate park, pump track, toboggan hill, climbing wall, dog park, beach volleyball court, ninja course, and skating ribbon – with even more to come.

The timeline for the second phase has not been determined, please register to stay up-to-date on construction news.

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When will the Beach Club open?

Harmony’s Beach Club is in the planning phase. It is anticipated that construction will commence when Harmony reaches approximately 1,000 homes. Register to stay up-to-date on construction news.

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Is the lake stocked with fish?

Yes! The lake was first stocked in 2019, to provide fishing opportunities in the summer months for our residents and guests. The lake has been stocked annually ever since. Water quality will be consistently monitored to ensure flourishing fish populations and healthy water standards are maintained.

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Are motorized boats allowed on Harmony's Lake?

Motorized boats are not permitted on the lake. Sailing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and other forms of non-motorized water recreation are permitted.

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What about pathways and playgrounds in Harmony?

Harmony already has an extensive pathway network and there are more pathways planned that will accommodate walkers, runners, bikers, and explorers! Check out Harmony’s projection for the community pathway system (subject to change).

Large open green spaces throughout the community feature soccer fields, space to run, flu kites, and playgrounds for kids to climb.

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When did Mickelson National Golf Club open?

Mickelson National Golf Club of Canada opened for the 2020 golf season. It is a golfer’s paradise and the perfect complement to Harmony.

Residents of Harmony receive a Social Membership to this private championship course. This membership includes one complimentary round of golf for four (initial owner only), four rounds of golf per year including guests at reduced fees (when space permits), unlimited access to the driving range and practice facilities at discounted rates, access to the Mickelson National clubhouse, LaunchPad , and dining facilities.

Windmill Golf group is the course operator. Visit to learn more about this world-class golf facility, the first of its kind in Western Canada.

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When will the Village Centre open?

Land Use approval for Village Centre is already complete. This area is planned to be a vibrant gathering place with outdoor cafes, festivals, public art, and opportunities to connect with friends and neighbours. Timing for the development of the Village Centre is currently being determined.

This is only one part of the 35-acre vision for the Village Centre, which will be built in stages as we gain enough residents to sustain the businesses and amenities who come to Harmony to set up shop! The Village Centre is the heart of the community and everyone who moves here is a special part of making it successful.

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I'm interested in opening a business in Harmony, Who do I contact?

Harmony’s Village Centre and commercial parcels will be home to a wide range of opportunities – from corporate headquarters to small businesses, retail, and professional services.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in doing business in Harmony. Please email [email protected].

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Living, Working & Learning in Harmony


Is there an Owners Association in Harmony?

Yes, the OAH (Owners Association of Harmony) will include both home and business owners and funds will focus on upkeep of amenities, public spaces, and public and private programming around Harmony. More information about your monthly fees and other important details will be provided by your builder in a Homeowner Package. Please visit the Owners Association of Harmony’s website for more information.

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What are property taxes in Rocky View County?

Find out more about taxes in Rocky View County from the County’s website.

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Does Harmony have public transit?

At this time there are no plans for public transportation routes to or from Harmony.

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Will there be schools in Harmony, and if so, when will they be built?

Harmony will have up to three designated school sites. The first K-8 school site is located  at the entrance to the upcoming Village Centre and is ready for Rocky View School Division when provincial funding is available. Learn more by reviewing the Rocky View Schools Division’s Three Year Capital Plan for schools.

Rocky View County/Springbank has some of the best schools in the Calgary area, located minutes from Harmony that are ready to serve the community. We have produced a thorough guide of what is available to you as a resident now, please read through our future schools on our website.

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What other schools are in the area?

Located in Springbank, Harmony is part of the respected Rocky View School District. Currently, local schools include Elbow Valley Elementary (K-4), Springbank Middle School(5-8), and Springbank Community High(9-12), all in close proximity. Banded Peak School (K-8) is also located in nearby Bragg Creek.

A number of charter schools are located within half an hour from Harmony on Calgary’s west side, and the specialized Edge School for Athletes is located across from the Springbank Airport, only minutes from Harmony’s main entrance. We have produced a handy guide for all the education options near or in Springbank.

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Where are Emergency Services located?

Fire protection services come from the Springbank Fire Station located at the Springbank Airport. EMS will be serviced by Calgary, and there is an RCMP detachment located in the Springbank ‘Park for All Seasons.’ The closest hospitals are The Foothills Hospital and The Alberta Children’s Hospital in NW Calgary.

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Environment & Location


Is Harmony being built on farmland?

The land where Harmony resides has belonged to the Copithorne family for over 60 years. It was used extensively for cattle ranching and ultimately was deemed non-arable (no longer suitable for farming).

The Copithorne family wanted to find the right way to repurpose this land. They worked extensively with the developers and Rocky View County for over a decade to plan a responsible, sustainable concept that would benefit families, the greater community of Springbank, and the County’s economy.

Tremendous amounts of research and study have been invested into the nature of the land, vegetation, and water systems. A comprehensive plan is in place to be sustainable, water and energy smart, and even to improve the condition of the property. For example, our re-forestation project seeks to re-introduce native plants, grasses, and over 17,000 trees to the area, and our water management system is state-of-the-art.

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Does Harmony use water from the City of Calgary?

No. Harmony’s Integrated Water Strategy includes its own Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment facilities (we are not tied to the City’s water system). These facilities are among the most advanced and environmentally friendly in North America.

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Springbank Airport


What is the size of the Springbank Airport and what sort of operations take place there?

Springbank Airport (YBW) is a major flight training, recreational aircraft and charter flight service centre. It is also home to a growing number of aviation maintenance and service organizations, with 50 hangars, 400 small aircraft and multiple aviation schools and clubs calling it home.

As Alberta’s second busiest airport in terms of aircraft movements (147,000 in 2014), it is an important general aviation reliever airport for Calgary International (YYC), Canada’s third busiest airport.

Aircraft including small planes, helicopters, and small private jets utilize YBW. Additionally, YBW is a major flight training centre for student pilots. Flight training involves the flying of ‘circuits’, which involve low flying flight patterns around the airport.

YBW is an Airport of Entry and has an active Air Traffic Control Tower. Two runways, running north-south and east-west, project takes offs and landings over the green spaces of Harmony such as the golf course, pathways and some employment areas.

YBW has published a master plan outlining its continued growth and development plans, which can be accessed from Future plans for growth at YBW include more development of commercial space and the addition of a new north-south parallel runway.

For more information on YBW Operations, visit the YBW website.

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What has Harmony done to provide a safe residential community near Springbank Airport?

Working in consultation with Transport Canada, Harmony has been designed to be an airport-compatible community. This means that no residential homes will be built within the extension lines of the runways, and we have not only met but exceeded NEF Contour regulations for noise.

Springbank residents, farms, airport-based businesses, schools, and nearby amenities have all lived, worked, and played in close proximity to the airport for years. Harmony looks forward to being the next good neighbour to join the community!

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What about noise levels for homeowners?

Harmony consulted extensively with Transport Canada during the community design stages. One goal in planning Harmony was to make sure the community design and building methods helped to buffer the noise arising from aircraft activity at YBW. This activity includes charter traffic, training schools and helicopter traffic which can conduct repeated circuits in the area at varying elevations, this is particularly true of flight training activity.

It is important to note that no homes will be built within the extension lines of the runways. The Golf Course, open green space and berms, and the business campus areas have been purposefully located to provide a buffer and transitional space between residential areas and airport lands.

Harmony homes will be built using triple paned window glass which helps to buffer aircraft noise and also improves energy efficiency in the homes.

For more information on noise at YBW, please visit to access the airport’s noise management brochure.

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What are the airport's hours of operation?

Springbank Airport is a 24/7/365 facility.

For Airport Business Hours, please visit

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What is the future growth plans for the Springbank Airport?

Improvements and expansions at YBW since 1997 have ensured the airport is delivering on its mandate to advance economic and community development, as the operating surfaces and land development at the airport have grown to meet demand.

That demand is expected to continue into the future. Springbank Airport facilities will be expanded when required to meet the anticipated future growth in aircraft traffic at the airport, primarily through the addition of a new runway and related taxiways. For a full summary of plans, click visit the YBW website.

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How close to the homes will the planes fly?

Flight patterns used by fixed wing aircraft in YBW include arrivals, departures and circuit training.

In the link attached, you will find diagrams showing typical fixed wing training circuits utilizing both runways.

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