Fostering and celebrating arts and culture in Harmony.

On a community-wide level, Harmony prioritizes and promotes arts and cultural activities to a degree few other master-planned neighbourhoods do. It is one of our key pillars for a balanced and fulfilling community experience — creativity as an essential part of everyday life.
Arts and culture are the cornerstones of every great civilization - so too with great communities. The arts open minds and bring people from all walks of life together.

Making an entrance with large-scale public art.

Harmony’s commitment to art is evident the moment you drive into the community. | Read more +

Inspiring amateur and professional artists in our community.

With our enthusiasm to celebrate public art, we consulted with an art planning specialist to ensure Harmony gets it right. | Read more +

Art is everywhere in Harmony.

In 2019, Harmony Developments and Heavy Industries teamed up to build Harmony’s newest community art feature with the help of Calgary’s emerging creative talent. | Read more +

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