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Posted on February 7, 2024

Spring 2024 Construction

Spring is almost here, and with it comes the start of construction season! While we understand that not everyone shares our enthusiasm for construction, our team is thrilled to bring to life all the planning and hard work we’ve put in during the winter months. As we eagerly await the melting snow and thawing ground frost, we couldn’t help but share our exciting plans for the 2024 spring/summer program.

Harmony Lake

Construction started in 2022 on the first stage of the second lake, this year grading (moving of the dirt to sculpt the land to a desired slope) will be completed. This phase will add approximately 70 acres (100 acres at full build), making it more than double the size of our existing lake. The second lake will be connected to our existing lake through a channel under a new bridge that will be constructed connecting the Village Center to the north side of Harmony.

This year will also mark the start of the clay lining of the lake and edge treatments, preparing to begin filling with water from the Bow River in 2025.

Harmony’s Lake Construction

Village Centre

The focus for the village centre in 2024 is to complete surface works – concrete sidewalks, asphalt roadways, and streetscape components like landscaping. The village centre will feature a harbour area with access to the second lake, a variety of shops and services for residents and guests, and professional and medical services.

Access Roads into Harmony

Construction of the East Harmony Trail extension will continue this year. This roadway will provide a second access to Harmony by connecting East Harmony Trail to Range Road 33 and is expected to be completed late 2024.

New Lot Releases

This year is going to be exciting for upcoming lot availability, we are incredibly excited to be adding the following phases in 2024 and early 2025.

  • Phase 14
    Phase 14 on the north end of the upcoming second lake will feature stunning lake lots with west facing backyards, rear-laned homes and front-drive homes. Watch for presales on these homes in late 2024.
  • Phase 13
    Grading work and servicing will begin on phase 13 lots this year. This area will feature estate, front-drive and rear-laned homes, plus a large greenspace with pathways that will connect residents to the entire community.
  • Phase 27
    This is an exciting phase to announce as it is the introduction of new product types to the community. We cannot wait to unveil what we have planned for this phase adjacent to the upcoming Village Centre. Make sure you register for the upcoming announcement!

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