Respecting our land, our neighbours, and the bottom line.

Your new community was designed with a commitment to social, environmental, and fiscal sustainability and responsibility.
We're rethinking what it means to use our resources responsibly as a community and as private citizens. In Harmony, we're bringing to life a more innovative way of community planning.


With Harmony, Rocky View County can address the interest for regional growth by localizing it to a node of development, while also leveraging Springbank Airport facilities and major transportation corridors. | Read more +


When you arrive in Harmony, you notice something different. With public art programs, rolling open spaces, and an abundance of amenities waiting to be enjoyed, Harmony will have plenty to offer residents and visitors alike. | Read more +


We are stewards of our land and natural resources, and we take this role seriously. With sustainability in the community design we have seven directives | Read more +

Learn more about the Harmony difference

Transplanting Pale Blue eyed Grass

Transplanting Harmony’s Pale Blue Eyed Grass

Harmony's Wetlands

Learn more about Harmony’s wetland System

Harmony Lake Fish Stocking

Stocking Harmony lake with Fish!

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