Harmony is more than a place - it's a philosophy.

We believe that balance is better and that smart planning equals happier living. And we're bringing it all to life in Harmony.

Creating a whole new category of community.

At the heart of Harmony are eight Guiding Principles that come together to build a foundation for a better, more balanced way of living.

Harmony’s 8 Guiding Principles

Discover Harmony's 8 Guiding Principles



Harmony’s rich diversity of housing styles fits every generation’s needs and enhances each resident’s experience with a more meaningful and authentic sense of community.


From the classroom to the great outdoors, Harmony offers opportunities to learn and grow for curious minds of all ages. There are future public school sites in Harmony and a community art installation program for all residents to enjoy.


Employment opportunities and services will create diverse economic development, for both Harmony and Rocky View County. There are approximately 130 acres designated for commercial space as well as several opportunities in the Village Centre.


Active living and creative play are vital to health and wellness. With several outdoor amenities including a 140-acre freshwater lake, the Mickelson National Golf Club, an Adventure Park, and playgrounds and pathways, there is no limit to the activities for residents of all ages.


Arts and culture are the cornerstone to every great civilization. Expressing, appreciating, and experiencing the arts opens minds and brings people from all walks of life together. Harmony has public art pieces already installed, with more pieces planned.


If connections are at the heart of well-being, then Harmony is the place to be. Connections to family and friends, to the land, each other, and one’s own inner peace. This is what makes Harmony greater than the sum of its parts. Harmony is designed with the amenities and home styles essential to foster the community’s truly unique spirit.


Nourishing and caring for the soul is as important as nourishing and caring for the body. Through nature, programs, practices and facilities, Harmony residents discover their own paths to balanced living.
Principles - Sustain


Rethinking what it means to use our resources responsibly as a community and as private citizens must be a dedicated way of life that’s implemented today and sustained in the future. Harmony’s master plan includes one of Canada’s most advanced water supply and treatment facilities, extensive landscaping and forestation – adding over 17,000 trees, efficient lights and street lamps, and much more.

For Harmony’s developers, our Eight Guiding Principles are a mantra: to plan, pursue, invest our best ideas and our highest energy into initiatives that address these important components of life – individually and as a complete collection.

Unprecedented levels of planning and teamwork have been invested into the creation of Harmony. When you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover Harmony’s big difference is that the community is not just built of features, amenities and beautiful new homes, but underlying philosophies.

We passionately believe our philosophies and principles will help build a better, meaningful, and complete community, enriching the lives and well-being of our residents and neighbours.

Harmony was in development for over a decade in collaboration and consultation with Rocky View County, stakeholders, urban planners, engineers, researchers, healthcare consultants, environmental leaders, and artists. The Conceptual Scheme for Harmony’s vision was unanimously approved in 2007. In addition to the physical layout and features of the community, the approved vision was based on bringing our eight guiding principles to life.

Partners in bringing Harmony to life

For Qualico Communities Calgary and Bordeaux Developments Corporation, it’s natural to collaborate to bring the vision of Harmony to life. This is a partnership based on the principles of teamwork, service and integrity.
Thilo Kaufmann
Vice President, Communities
Qualico Communities
“A lake community, with a championship golf course, an easy commute to downtown and direct access and views of the mountains. This community is everything you imagine when you think of living in Alberta.”
Birol Fisekci
Bordeaux Developments
“We really focused on best practices – creating a community that has all of the attributes – that sense of neighbourliness, an abundance of amenities, and opportunities to age in place. It's all here in Harmony”
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