A New Kind of Community

It all started with a question. A simple question. An important question. Isn’t it about time we re-think what Community can be? So we did.

Harmony is the only new master planned lake community just 5 minutes out of Calgary West’s city limits- being developed around a vibrant 35-acre Village Centre in a quiet country setting. It brings together the best of both urban and rural experiences within a remarkable, historic place that is neither a suburb nor city centre. With Harmony, we’re introducing a whole new category of Community.

Set in the heart of Springbank, Alberta in the municipality of Rocky View County – with its fresh air and pristine Rocky Mountain views, Harmony has been created to re-connect us to what matters most, in a way that’s fresh and progressive. Mindfulness to work-life balance. Arts and culture alongside infrastructure for active lifestyles. Respect for history and the land, but with the most modern interpretations. And creative, sustainable, responsible planning.

When all elements are aligned, things are truly in “Harmony.”

In fact, Harmony aspires to be the region’s most holistically planned and sustainably built new neighbourhood, offering world class amenities, programs, and design philosophies to inspire residents and visitors alike. Unprecedented planning has been devoted across eight vital platforms, or guiding pillars,” that will ensure Harmony residents and the community don’t just live well, but thrive — in how they live, learn, work, and play.

Finally. Everything comes together into one community concept. Only five minutes from West Calgary city limits and 20 minutes to downtown.