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Posted on October 29, 2019

[Re]newal – Profound Cycles: Harmony Art

Harmony Developments and Heavy Industries teamed up to build Harmony’s newest community art feature with the help of Calgary’s emerging creative talent. The team engaged with local universities, colleges and institutions in a “Call for Creatives” to conceptualize and design an iconic art feature for Harmony’s newly released Phase 10.

Art is an important component in the development of Harmony. Our initial piece, “Cultivate” designed by Dan Corson and fabricated by Heavy Industries highlighted the magic of Harmony perfectly making it an easy decision to continue our partnership with Heavy Industries in the “Call for Creatives”.

Presentations from four finalists were made and the winning concept by Gordon Skilling was selected to move forward into the development stage with Heavy Industries and begin the process of designing the artwork for engineering, fabrication and installation. Skilling is currently in the process of completing his masters of environmental design at the University of Calgary while holding his masters in landscape architecture.

On October 5, 2019 the final piece”[Re]newal – Profound Cycles was unveiled at the grand opening of Harmony’s phase 10 show homes.

The art piece consists of three panels, each representing a portion of the story of life – Past, Present and future.

The Future I Water

The first panel is a splash of water representing the future, sustainability, resilience and of course Harmony Lake. Our lake is the source of life in the form of drinking water for future generations of Harmony.

Water is fluid and ever changing, it is the foundation of life and indicative of the idea that anything is possible in the future – life changes and just like water the world adapts to the circumstances around it.

The Present I Life

A representation of the present is a child’s hand reaching for Pale Blue Eyed grass from an adult in the middle panel. This depiction showcases the multi-generational, family orientated and community spirit of Harmony.

Pale Blue Eyed grass was used as it is a protected species native and present in the community. A patch was preserved during construction and is located near the Phase 10 entrance.

The Past I Earth

The history of the land and the community is represented by the last panel showcasing a wheat field blowing in the wind.

Wheat or grass blowing in the wind represents the ground/soil/dirt and landscape that was the foundation of previous life and the Copithorne history as a ranching family.

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