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Posted on February 17, 2017

Harmony’s Advanced Water System Turns on the Tap

With the first of two lakes in Harmony now filled and families moving into the community, we are proud to announce our state-of-the-art Water Treatment Facility is now complete, operational, and doing its job. Safe, clean drinking water whose purity far exceeds regulatory standards is just the start.

As we’re not on Calgary’s water grid, Harmony had to build its own infrastructure from scratch — a process of research, testing, engineering, and construction years in the making. The result? A Water Treatment Plant integrated into one of the most sophisticated and sustainable water management strategies in North America.

After Harmony’s lake, the deepest man-made lake in Alberta, provides pretreatment, active circulation, ozonation and aeration, Harmony’s Water Treatment Facility passes it through one of the most advanced water treatment technologies available – GE’s ZeeWeed® Model 1500D Membrane with UV disinfection and chlorination. GE’s ZeeWeed technology is a filtration system that separates particles, bacteria, and viruses from water. This multibarrier approach with a highly efficient process is designed to create a safer water supply using less energy and fewer chemicals.

With emergency storage tanks, regular in-house testing, and connections for fire department preparedness, the Water Treatment Facility fulfills many roles.

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