Development News
Posted on July 19, 2023

Exciting News from Bingham Crossing

We are thrilled to announce that Costco Wholesale has received approval from Rocky View County to open a new location at Bingham Crossing. The team at Bingham Crossing, along with Costco and Rocky View County, have worked closely together over the past year to secure all necessary approvals for the Costco store. We are pleased to inform you that the Development Permit has been approved, and Costco is scheduled to welcome its first Members in the Fall of 2025.

In the coming year, the development team at Bingham Crossing will be completing all remaining approvals and infrastructure for both on-site and off-site road networks. Additionally, they will continue to work on the retail centre of the project, ensuring a diverse range of retail options as requested by the surrounding community. The leasing process is incredibly active, and they anticipate the first stores to take possession in late 2025/early 2026.

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