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Posted on March 21, 2023

2023 Spring and Summer Construction

Other than watching the snow melt, the best part of spring is the start of Harmony’s construction program. We get to bring to life all the planning the team has been working on through the winter. While we wait for the snow to finish disappearing and the ground frost to thaw, we thought we would share the plans for the 2023 spring/summer program.

  • Grading (moving of dirt to sculpt the land to a desired slope) on the first stage of the second lake will continue. The first phase of expansion is approximately 70 acres, at full build the second lake will expand to 100 acres, more than double the size of our current lake. The second lake will be connected to our existing lake through a channel under the land bridge that connects the village centre to the north side of Harmony.
  • Construction of the East Harmony Trail extension is planned to commence this year with a target completion in late 2024. This roadway will provide a second access to Harmony by connecting East Harmony Trail to Range Road 33.
  • Phase 12 will be graded and servicing started this year.
  • Landscaping on the greenspace in Phase 11 (on the North end of Harmony)
  • Grading will resume on the Village Centre and sites are planned to be serviced and subdivided by the end of 2023. The Village Centre will attract a variety of shops and services to complement its residents and guests. From medical and professional services to owner-operated bistros and markets, the vision for the Village Centre is to be a gathering place for the ages, where neighbours can connect and be part of the community.
  • Construction on the clubhouse at Mickelson National Golf Club will be completed this summer with the opening planned at the beginning of July with four epic events over six days. Click for more information on the Mickelson Invitational.
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