The future of relaxation in Harmony: Groupe Nordik Wellness Spa.

A Global Wellness Spa, designed, built, and operated by the prestigious Groupe Nordik, will be the heart of Harmony’s Village Centre. At completion, this wellness centre will be one of the largest spas in North America, spanning over five acres.| Read more +

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Unmatched relaxation experiences in harmony with nature, on the shores of Harmony Lake.
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All-Season Thermal Pools

Sit back and soak in heated outdoor pool or plunge under a cold waterfall – or do both in a programmed cycle designed to promote whole-body wellness.
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Body Treatments & Massage

Melt your cares away and release unwanted tension – a body treatment is a welcome way to pamper yourself anytime. You know you deserve it.
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Sauna Rituals

Envelop yourself in unique thermotherapy rituals featuring essential oils, soundscapes, and varied temperatures for an experience that’s at once stimulating and relaxing.

Harmony residents really love their community – watch our Homeowner Stories to see why.

"Having a golf course nearby with two lakes, the Discovery Centre, the future Groupe Nordik Spa, and even the dog park with the painted tires shows the little details that are taken care of. Our home really stands apart."
The Santry Family
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