Harmony’s Development Team has Committed to Contributing to the Springbank Community and Rocky View County — Economically, Environmentally and Charitably. By establishing a fund, Harmony will provide resources and support where needed, helping to strengthen the community fabric and develop a true sense of partnership amongst all residents.

Current Community Initiatives

Listed below are the existing initiatives put in place by the developers of Harmony. Similar commitments will be launched and enhanced in the years to come.

  • In addition to standard contributions for regional recreation facilities, Harmony will support even greater amenity development for Springbankers through the creation of its own internal fund.
  • Harmony will also donate funds to the Rocky View School Division, on a per-lot basis, to be used for programs and services in schools throughout Rocky View County, contributing to the equalization of services provided in all schools in the county.
  • Harmony will foster a partnership between local schools and the retirement centre to be built in the community. Seniors will be encouraged to mentor young students, who will in turn, volunteer their time at the centre. This initiative will foster community spirit, build relationships between generations and create a body of shared experiences, knowledge, understanding and friendship.
  • Donated +/- $35,000 for the construction of the RCMP office in the Park for All Seasons, helping to ensure all residents and especially children feel safe in the community they so proudly call home.
  • Harmony was a proud Bronze Sponsor of the Springbank Community High School “One World” club’s event that brought Craig Kielburger (founder of Free the Children) to the community. Kielburger spoke to local students and families and the event raised funds for the club which supports development projects overseas every year.
  • Harmony partnered with the KO Arts Centre to bring art to life in local schools. Alongside acclaimed artists Karry Kiyooka and Katie Ohe, Patricia Lorte-Sparks worked with students at Ecole Elbow Valley Elementary, Springbank Middle School, and Springbank Community High School to create a collaborative installation piece that was later displayed at the KO Arts Centre public sculpture garden.