Respecting our land, our neighbours, and the bottom line.

Designed with a committment to social, environmental and fiscal sustainability and responsibility.

Fiscal Sustainability

With Harmony, Rocky View County can address the interest for regional growth by localizing it to a node of development while leveraging Springbank Airport facilities and major transportation corridors. This in turn protects more viable agricultural land and the existing country residential lifestyles. According to an independent economic fiscal impact analysis, Harmony will be a significant net contributor to Alberta and to Rocky View County’s financial capacities:

  • Projected to produce over $6 billion in economic activity
  • $13.3 million projected annual tax revenue (property tax + school tax) at full build out
  • $46.8 million one-time fees to Rocky View County at full build out

Social Sustainability

When you arrive in Harmony (by foot, bike, car or horseback!) you will notice something different. With public art programs, rolling open spaces, and an abundance of amenities waiting to be enjoyed, Harmony will have plenty to offer residents and visitors alike.

As an example of holistic planning practices, Harmony is a place that particularly nurtures art and culture – a hallmark of any great community in the world and one of the more exceptional aspects to be integrated into the neighbourhood.   Outdoor and online initiatives are planned to engage children and adults with the educational and inspirational aspects of Harmony — from its colourful Springbank history to identifying regional plants.  Imagine finding opportunities to learn and connect every time you step outside your door! Harmony get the dialogue going.

Environmental Sustainability

We are stewards of our land and natural resources, and we take this role seriously.  We have created a Sustainability Committee which involves some of our larger construction contractors, and  home builders.  This committee creates a foundation for sustainability within Harmony and ensures everyone will share in this vision. With sustainability in the community design we have 7 directives- some of them include higher efficiency buildings, water conservation, recycling and reduction plan of construction waste, naturalized open spaces, contamination plan and a carbon footprint reduction.  For instance, our earthworks contractor, has implemented  a 5 minute idling policy on their large earth moving equipment.  If it’s sitting longer than five minutes, they turn off the engine. With over 100 pieces of equipment now on site, this is a significant consideration for air quality.

Furthermore, Harmony’s innovative Integrated Water Strategy will be one of the most advanced in North America and will lead Alberta in water conservation practices. We have partnered with local authorities and global thought leaders to ensure that Harmony conserves, reuses, and respects this natural resource throughout the water cycle. Learn more by downloading our strategy:  Harmony Integrated Water Strategy 2017-e

Watch our Sustainability Stories

We present a series of 7 short films that give you a rare, behind-the-scenes look at how we’re building Harmony, integrating advanced technology and education strategies to build a thoughtful master planned community. 

1. What Is Sustainability?

2. Transplanting Harmony’s Pale Blue Eyed Grass

3. The Deepest Man-Made Lake in Alberta

4. The Wetland System of Harmony

5. Harmony Sustainability Committee

6. The Naturalization of Harmony

7. Harmony Water System