Art is the Cornerstone to Great Civilizations, and Great Communities.

On a community wide level, Harmony prioritizes and promotes arts and cultural activities as few other masterplanned neighbourhoods do. It is one of our important key pillars for a balanced and fulfilling community experience — creativity as a part of everyday life.

Harmony hopes to be a new regional haven for art and artists. To delight residents, become a destination for visitors, attract world class exhibitions, and spotlight homegrown talent.

CultivateSome of our initiatives include:

  • Harmony’s commitment to art will be seen the moment you drive into the community. A significant permanent installation commissioned to a world renowned artist is currently in development to mark your arrival and put Harmony on the map. We look forward to revealing more details soon.
  • The creation of a Master Community Arts Plan & Strategy. With our enthusiasm to celebrate public art, we have reached out to an art planning specialist so Harmony gets it right. Permanent public art, temporary exhibitions, performance art – it’s all going to be a part of a vibrant dynamic Harmony.
  • Outdoor performance space for music and theatre performances will be designated within the park system as well as the Outdoor Amphitheatre in the Village Centre’s main waterfront Plaza for major gatherings.
  • An “Art Walk” will showcase local work within the Village Centre.
  • Retail space along the High Street will be earmarked for Galleries.
  • Four studios are planned within the Village’s Arts & Music Centre to house community-accessible opportunites for glassblowing, ceramics, metalworking, and painting.
  • Music and arts programs, lectures, and classes envisioned within the Music & Arts Centre, Community Centre, and School — for children, adults, and seniors.
  • A Market in the Village Centre intends to feature boutiques, local farmers’ market quality food, and hand crafted artist wares.
  • Residential opportunities for working artists in the Village Centre – studios and “work/live” zoned townhomes.
  • Through collaboration between residents, schools, community leagues and local artists, as well as international artists, the potential exists for all ages to participate in the creation, selection and implementation of public art pieces and programs.