The Vision & Teamwork Behind Harmony

Unprecedented levels of planning and teamwork have been invested into the creation of Harmony. When you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover Harmony’s big difference is the community is not just built on features – but underlying philosophies.

We passionately believe our philosophies and principles will help build a better, more meaningful, more complete community, enriching the lives and well-being of our residents and those of the greater regional area.

Driven by the challenge of “re-thinking what community can be,” you’ll regularly hear us share our excitement about Harmony being “holistically designed,” “sustainably built,” “being good neighbours,” and balancing the “triple bottom line” – socially, environmentally, and economically.

After years of collaboration and consultation with Rocky View County, stakeholders, urban planners, engineers, researchers, healthcare consultants, environmental leaders and artists – the Conceptual Scheme for Harmony’s vision was unanimously approved in 2007. In addition to the physical layout and features of the community, the approved vision was based on bringing our principles to life:

Principle 1: Respecting The County and Our Neighbours

Respecting The County and Our Neighbours.

  1. Design land use forms that are considerate and compatible transitions to neighbouring properties.
  2. Provide amenities for residents in the greater Springbank community.
  3. Contribute to creating a more sustainable Springbank.
  4. Create a community that reflects the needs of future generations.

Principle 2: Designing the Community Using a Holistic Approach

Designing the Community Using a Holistic Approach.

  1. Create an elegant and aesthetically pleasing community that is architecturally rich.
  2. Use detailed ‘human scale’ design techniques.
  3. Promote arts and culture activities within the community.
  4. Maintain a signficiant portion of the site – up to one-third – as a variety of open space elements.
  5. Honour Springbank’s history and its pioneering families.
  6. Encourage economic growth and diversification.
  7. Create an efficient internal transportation network that facilitates connectivity.
  8. Focus on sustainability practices.
  9. Ensure the community applies the appropriate Smart Growth principles.
  10. Focus on enriching the lifestyle of those who live, learn, work, and play in Harmony.

The net result? A vibrant new community that balances social, environmental, and economic sustainability. That enhances connectivity to friends and neighbours, to nature and history, and to a shared sense of community spirit. That promotes learning and celebrates art, in all shapes and forms.

We believe in entrepreneurial and business opportunities close to home; nurturing physical activity and healthful amenities for body and soul; and in building around the needs of multiple generations – from kids and families to professionals getting their start, empty nesters to seniors who need assistance. All in one dynamic place to call home. As we like to say, “Life is Better When It’s Lived in Harmony.”