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May, 29, 2018
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Lake Enrichment Program

The first 40 acres of Harmony Lake has been filled with water, now what?

The long term plan for Harmony Lake is to emulate a natural aquatic system, complete with trout for all the sport fishing fanatics in our community. If left to Mother Nature, this process could take years, but with a little human intervention, the process of creating a habitable environment for trout, is sped up considerably.

How do you create an environment fit for a fish?

To support a healthy population of trout, you need the necessary food chain. At the base of the food chain is a healthy aquatic invertebrate population – basically insects that live in the gravel under water and feed on nutrients provided by weeds.

Currently, Harmony Lake has good gravel along the shoreline, but weeds are necessary in the deeper water to support the aquatic invertebrate population. To facilitate this process. Bow Valley Habitat was retained by Harmony to carry out the Lake Enrichment Program.

Harmony’s Lake Enrichment Program

Most people spend their summers removing weeds from their lawn and gardens, Bow Valley Habitat spent the summer transplanting weeds along the shoreline and up to a depth of 15 feet in Harmony Lake. Three types of weeds were transplanted from other lakes and ponds, each playing a different role in creating the perfect environment for trout.

  1. Cara Weed – low growing weed that is found in may BC trout lakes
  2. Richardson Pond – great oxygenator and provides a great habitat for both trout and invertebrates
  3. Coontail – provides cover for trout

These plants are expected to grow like weeds in their first full growing season in 2018, laying the foundation for future trout population.

The photos depict a Richardson Pond weed on collections day and the same weed after 24 days of growth. The new roots system and shoots develop making it ready for transplanting.

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