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May, 25, 2018
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Inspiring Future Community Thinkers at the Earliest of Ages

“Pathways!” “A school!” “A candy store!” “A playground!” “A pet store!” “Houses!” 

These are just some of the spirited answers a room full of students provided Bordeaux Developments’ CEO Birol Fisekci when the kids were asked what they thought should be in a community.

It’s all part of Harmony’s ongoing School & Learning Program, a progressive outreach initiative that compliments the Social Studies Curriculums elementary schools wherein they learn about the characteristics and development of communities in Canada.

“We invested ourselves into creating this initiative because “Learn” is one of our key tenants. We care about the next generation understanding what a community is, how it’s planned, what’s important, what’s involved, and with this early education, who knows what can come from that? Who might be inspired? Who might bring even bigger and brighter ideas forward in the future? It’s a spark.” says Birol.

On May 2, Harmony was pleased to host the grade 4 class from Kenneth D Taylor School to visit our community to discuss planning and development. It is a great an opportunity for the children to see how the principles they are leaning in school are put into practice.

The students are encouraged to think about how their answers fit into these categories and to open their imaginations to everything a community could be. The presentation doesn’t shy away from the complexities of planning and building a community, including cost and compromise.

A guided walking tour introduces the students to the character architecture and design of the houses. It also showcases street and path design and the role of public art in a community

The students are bussed a short distance and given a tour of Harmony’s Water Treatment Facility. They learn how the lake, water treatment, waste water treatment, storm water, wetlands and reclaimed water systems work. It is an early introduction to the importance of safety and sustainability.

Finally, the students get to tour the best part of a community – the playground at Paintbrush Park, where they get to test out all the equipment, and meet Rocky and Rosie – Harmony’s resident mascots.

For more information, please contact Birol Fisekci, CEO Bordeaux Developments- 403.215.0802 Email:  bf@bpinc.ca

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