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Inspiration & Dedication, Together in Harmony

Haley and Harmony are #TogetherToTokyo

It all started with a paddle…

That is, Haley Daniels’ lifetime dedication to her sport began with childhood canoe expeditions with her family, paddle in hand. Years later a group of coworkers from Harmony would cut, paint and hang 100 colourful paddles on the side of Trans Canada Highway, just west of Calgary. This was an art project and chance to show commuters that Harmony had a lake coming to the area. Haley saw these paddles during one of her regular drives to her training grounds along the Kananaskis River, and she was inspired.

“When I pass the Calgary city limits I always notice a few colorful paddles and a canoe,” says Haley, “I get nostalgic remembering my childhood and time spent with my family outdoors, where I first learned how to paddle. The paddles peaked my curiosity … I started to research the community of Harmony and became extremely excited about their values and how they mirrored mine. Values like living a healthy and active lifestyle and promoting education about environmental stewardship and conservation.”

Harmony is extremely proud to support Haley on her journey to represent Canada on the world stage in competitive white water slalom canoeing. As the reigning Canadian champion and one of our country’s most promising Olympic hopefuls, Haley has coached and mentored her fellow athletes and has also been instrumental in bringing women’s white water slalom canoe to the Olympics for the first time ever (until now, only men have competed in the sport at the Olympics).

Just as Haley’s parents and coaches supported her over the years, we hope to show the young boys and girls of Harmony they can achieve anything they put their minds and hearts to; and, of course, we know kids of all ages will be inspired to get outside and enjoy themselves! In Haley’s words “I hope that through my partnership with Harmony I can help other families teach their children how to enjoy and respect the outdoors as my family did with me.”

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