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May, 13, 2015
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Building Harmony Sustainably

Harmony Sustainability Committee Gets To Work.

Committee of Harmony partners is making “Triple Bottom Line” thinking a reality.


Harmony Developments Inc. and its construction teams have formed a Sustainability Committee that will implement sustainable development initiatives in the work they are doing on site, laying the groundwork for a long term sustainable community.

The committee, made up of Harmony Developments Inc. and the community’s current and future construction teams, has been meeting to create the framework of the group which includes a Sustainability Charter and the Harmony Environmental Accord. With the partners signing on to bring their sustainable practices to work with them every day, all teams have a role in building a culture of respect for the earth, their coworkers, and the economic side of development.

It is often said that every component of Harmony has been chosen very purposefully, and that is what makes it so unique. The partners who are now tasked with physically building each piece of this community have also been chosen very purposefully. Comprised of companies such as Borger Construction Ltd., Lafarge, Windmill Golf Group, Maple Reinders, Wilco Group of Companies, and Harmony’s entire Premier Builder Group, the committee reflects some of this region’s most responsible, caring and reputable organizations.

Since the very start of Harmony’s inception and planning process, a set of guiding principles has reinforced a commitment to building a sustainable community and to incorporating Triple Bottom Line thinking. Our position has always been that environmental, social and economic components must support each other rather than compete with each other. By taking this Triple Bottom Line approach, we are able to build a community that respects the earth while enriching the lives of those who live and work here, in a financially achievable and even advantageous manner.

Of course, sustainability can be fun too! Coming soon, you will see awards given out on behalf of Harmony Developments Inc. to the construction partners who bring sustainability initiatives to the community. We will celebrate practices that enable all of us to minimize our carbon footprint during and after construction, and measures that make the construction site safer for everyone working there or visiting. The ideas coming from our partners will be shared on this website, as will the initiatives we implement throughout the building process.

We hope you will watch to see the awards given out!


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